We cater to all types of events providing full production of stage, projections (standard or 3d image mapping), lights, cameras, monitors, mics, FOH (front of house) and show control equipment for dry and wet hire. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to get a quote for the right equipment and right engineers for your event.

We have experienced members who have worked on a complete multitude of events covering presentations given by CEO’s of global leading companies to 30,000+ capacity festivals with platinum award winning artists.

Whether you want a single wireless mic with a standby engineer to use with your current system or a full events package with the works we are happy to help you make the right choice in equipment and labour ensuring your events run like a dream.

events festival
Events lights

If you want to make sure your supplied suitable equipment or labour then contact us via phone or email and we will intensively listen to your requirements and give you the most appropriate solution with all the bells and whistles you need to make a great lasting impression with your clients no matter the size of event.

Some types of labour you may require are:

  • Projectionists
  • FOH audio mixing or lights Engineers
  • Vision/video mixer technicians
  • Audio monitor engineers
  • Camera operators
  • Event riggers crew for load in and load out

Some types of equipment you may require are:

  • Projection screens and projectors
  • Line array or PA for main speakers
  • Lasers, LED’s, Scanners and smoke machines
  • Presentation mixer for video feeds
  • Audio mixing desk digital or analogue
  • Handheld or wireless microphones
  • Cameras for live feeds and or recording

Are you perhaps looking for an out of the box solution as you have a bespoke event in mind?

You may have a fashion show event and would like an adaptable user controlled set change of the Audio and Visual Equipment to go in sync with the various scenes/moods of your event or want a hologram or motion controlled aspect to bring something to life with interaction or to add some augmented reality to immerse your audience in the show?

If you want any of the above or to even see if it’s possible to do an idea you have that involves any hi-tech then we can most certainly help you.

We love a challenge so the more adventurous the idea the more excited we will be.

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